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1) Original certified copy of the Bank references for all the concerned individuals and corporates (letter stating that they know the client and that they never had problems);


2) Identity Proofs: Certified true copies of the passport by a notary of the concerned individuals (indicating the full name and address and the person who certifies)


3) Address Proofs: Utility bill, Bank statement, declaration by the city of residence, etc…, for proof of the address of the concerned individuals;


4) Police record (or equivalent) of the land of origin, and should be translated in English via Notary


5) Information about the concerned individuals = brief CV in English (beneficial owners and directors); 所有相关人员的英文简历 "

6)" Business plan in English of the Luxembourg Subsidiary, the below information should be mentioned: 设立卢森堡公司的英文商业计划书,需要阐述以下信息:

Detailed description of the activity planned with the company and the subsidiaries;; 公司与分支机构计划开展业务的详细说明

Name of suppliers and clients of the subsidiaries; 供应商的姓名以及分支机构客户的姓名
Source of assets (from financing the company to be created); 资本来源(如何资助即将成立的公司)

Geographic spread of business; 公司业务的地理分布状况
Estimated annual turnover; Estimated amount to be invested at the bank; 年收入预计;拟投入资金额

Estimated number of transactions per month; 公司业务的月交易量预计
Brochures, information leaflets and English introduction of the Parent company 投资母公司的宣传册,信息单页和介绍,概以英文为准

7) Original certified copy of business license of the parent company (in English)


8) Original certified copy of M&A (in English) of the parent company


9) Original certified copy of Register of Director and Member (in English) for the parent company



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